Battle School

The Battle School was instituted as a way to screen gifted children in preparation for Command School, and eventually as officers of the International Fleet.

It is a space station orbiting earth that is accessible by a planetside dock, and consists of a rotating ring turning around a cylindrical center. Gravity is present along the ring, with the “floor” facing outward and curving upward.

Academic curriculum isa mixture of academic and military courses, including mathematics, sciences and military history. As launchies graduate their first year they are promoted to armies, they begin their military training. When a student joins an army, the Battle Room game Game Room games. Over time, talented soldiers become toon and army commanders. By the time a student reaches 12 or 13 years of age the students that are suitable for Command School graduate; those that are not suitable are transferred to other command schools, such as infantry.

Common Areas at the School

Battle Room
Mess Hall
Sleeping Quarters

Common Slang Terms

Ho. Hi.
Jeesh. Troops, army.
Launchie. First year students.
Neh. No.
Toon. Platoon.

Battle School

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